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Conscience and the Public Intellectual

At times, public life preys upon our consciences to such an extent that we feel compelled to address public issues directly. At first, I came to play this role of the public intellectual hesitantly, thinking it a distraction from more academic pursuits. Now, I play it both deliberately and with enthusiasm. I have found a kind of "public voice." Subjects like Islamophobia, cruelty in religion and politics, ethnocentrism, moralistic thinking's narrowing of the mind, cultural illiteracy, Christian exceptionalism's threat to public education, the theology - religious studies debate, secularist ignorance and contempt for religion, tabooed sexuality and Catholicism, academic anti-Semitism, the secret rhetoric of polemics, and such have drawn my interest. Can what I have learned from my historical and theoretical academic work contribute in any way to deepen understanding of these matters? That is the question that teases me into my role as a public intellectual.


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